Publishing Services

Thirty years of experience in educational publishing means that Lachina is a name you can trust. Working with some of the biggest brands and publishers, Lachina has contributed to over 10,000 books. Everything from college textbooks, to historical biography, to quantum physics, to how-to software… You name it, we’ve done it.

  • Art & Design

  • Editorial

  • Project Management

Medical & Scientific Illustrations

In advanced topics there’s a lot of detail and information that need to be conveyed. Especially when it comes to medical or scientific subjects. Lachina Creative has plenty of years of experience and certification doing just that.

  • High-Quality Medical Illustrations: Officially certified medical illustrators on staff.

  • Scientific Illustrations: Highly rendered or graphical/data visualization.

  • 3D Animation & Motion Graphics: A great way of explaining complex concepts to investors or the general public.

  • Infographics: Convey information in an efficiently laid-out graphic.

2D & 3D Animation and AR/VR

By staying on top of the latest technologies, we are able to use some of the most cutting-edge computer graphics techniques to deliver high-quality services for your projects.

  • 3D Animation: Photorealistic or stylized computer-generated animation for any purpose.

  • Motion Graphics & 2D Animation: Explainer videos, social content, or frame-by-frame drawings.

  • Product Rendering and Animation: Visualizations of your product for marketing or pitches.

  • AR/VR Assets and 3D Scan Clean Up: Creating very high-quality assets for use in augmented reality or virtual reality applications.

Creative Marketing

We use out-of-the-box thinking, measurable strategies, and award-winning designs to deliver marketing and branding campaigns that connect with customers.

  • Marketing and Branding Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media and Paid Advertising

  • Logo and Brand Design

Creating a winning formula in today’s digital world can mean the difference between making and breaking your brand. We can help your brand grow with one simple formula… Your Goals = Brand Strategy + Marketing Strategy.

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