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Lachina has decades of experience directing and managing all stages of educational publishing for the professional trade, school, career, K-12, and higher education markets. The “behind-the-scenes” relationship with our designers is collaborative. Our customary role in the design process is to support, augment, and provide insight to designers in the areas of typography, feature components, art, and photography, and to oversee the continuity of all products (print and media applications).

We believe quality results from the collaboration of detailed planning, editorial insight, modern sensibilities of design, and a consistent process. Our focus from the outset is on the recipient of the content.

Our artists have years of program development combined with actual art production experience. We manage the successful outcome of art programs by establishing style guides, vector libraries, brush and painting elements, and consistent use of fonts in labels.

  • Art Program + Style Sheet Development

  • Publication Design + Layout

  • Static + Animated Asset Production

Our experience ranges from simple, moderate, and complex production art programs to those requiring specific subject matter expertise in physics and math; scientifically accurate biological, anatomical, geological, and geographical illustrations; and creative situational/editorial illustration. Knowing what it takes to render these kinds of illustrations is critical to developing a style guide and managing artists-for-hire throughout the development of the art program.


The editor is at the heart of Lachina’s core competency. Our editors possess advanced knowledge regarding editorial and production tasks and all have mid- to advanced-level experience performing such tasks. All our editors have a skilled knowledge of the writing and publishing process and a strong knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat. Most were English and journalism majors and have exceptional writing and communication skills.

Our editorial staff can also provide developmental editing, plagiarism checking, and permission research for text and/or images.

  • Development Editing

  • Copyedit + Proofread

  • Research + Writing

The editorial process we follow ensures that any written content measures up to the same standard as our visual content. From manuscript evaluation to writing editing instructions for ancillary staff, we pay careful attention to the written word.

Project Management

The project manager is the driving force behind every project at Lachina. From start to finish, each dedicated project manager maintains schedules, tracks the project budget, and acts as the team leader for internal resource management. The project manager is the interface to the client, ensuring a continuity of quality and communication throughout the process. We use industry-standard project management software to manage schedules, which enables us to be efficient with our resource planning, scheduling, and status reporting.

Our project managers all have a vetted editorial background and an in-depth knowledge of the entire production process, allowing them to ensure quality and consistency throughout a project’s life cycle.

  • Scope + Budget Analysis

  • Workflow Planning + Oversight

  • Resource Management

We manage and produce hundreds of projects and thousands of pieces of art each year, which come to us on both a small and large scale. With 30 years of experience in managing and producing educational content, we have developed a highly reliable and scalable system that blends the talents of project managers and production staff.

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