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30+ Years In the Business

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Thirty years ago, I saw an opportunity to accelerate the marriage of technology and creativity in a business that rewarded the inventive connection of words and images. I took the chance and never looked back.

Jeff Lachina, CEO, Owner





Why We Do What We Do

Since 1989, our mantra has been: Take ownership of your projects. Our mantra resonates with our staff and pays dividends for our clients. We critique our work before our clients see it, and by thinking creatively we design the way our audience interacts with the visual content we produce. The same team that starts a project delivers it. While our toolbox has changed, our core principles remain steady: a dedication to clarity of expression and a commitment to client satisfaction.

How We Got Here

The arc of our growth began with the design and production of educational content and has evolved with technological advances to include visualization and marketing strategy. Every text or visual narrative requires a consistency in design and an accuracy in content to deliver a clear story.
In one form or another, we continue to create curated educational events, whether in a classroom setting, in an online interaction, in an animated video, or on the printed page. Every encounter is a chance to help someone understand a process or connect with accurate information. How we do it is an art form.
We continually learn by working with a variety of professionals—teachers, publishers, artists, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, technologists, scientists, architects, designers, inventors—each one having a unique story and trusting us to tell it well. Our toolbox expands as our audience’s engagement changes. But our basic mantra always applies: Care about our projects as much as our clients do.  

Our Team

Jeff Lachina

Shawn Vazinski

Whitney Philipp

Jeff Simonetta

Courtney Coffman

Molly Montanaro

Rebecca Marshall

Carol Kurila

Bonnie Briggle

Eric Bramer

Sara Mapes

Marisa Pekol

Hilary White

Cas Yee

Margaret Li

Megan Calderwood

Winston Skelington


Architectural Visualization

3D Renderings, 3D Floor Plans, Walkthrough Animations
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Medical & Scientific Illustration and Animation

Medical Illustration, Scientific Illustration, Medical Animation, Infographics
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Educational Content Development and Design

Art & Design, Editorial, Project Management
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Animation, Design, and AR/VR

3D Animation, Product Rendering and Visualization, AR/VR Asset Creation, 2D Animation
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Marketing and Branding

Content Marketing, Social Media and Paid Advertising, Logo and Brand Design
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