Medical Illustration

Our staff is trained to understand anatomy and biological and medical terms and concepts. We have experience with and knowledge of what is needed and what the medical community is looking for in high-end illustrations and visualizations.

  • Certified Medical Illustrators – We have artists on staff who are officially certified medical illustrators.

  • Experience – Lachina Creative has been creating medical illustrations for 30 years!

  • Desirable – People are attracted to and retain much more information from imagery than from text.

Larynx Thyroid and Trachea Illustration
Child in Hospital Illustration

Scientific Illustrations

Science is in the details and so is the art. Scientific illustrations are a smart choice for conveying complex information and details in a simple and clear way. Just reading about scientific terms doesn’t help if people cannot visualize them.

  • Scientific Journal Covers – Outstanding cover art helps your research grab attention.

  • Education – Students love learning from illustrations and drawings.

  • Animals, Machines, …SPACE!  – Science occurs everywhere! And we can visualize anything you’d need.

Frog Illustration
Brain Illustration
Panther Chameleon Illustration

3D Animation and Motion Graphics

If you want to show a procedure or concept, your visuals need to be up to the task. By using 3D animation you will get the very best in visualization, whether it’s showing off how your medical product will change the game or trying to entice investors or organizations to fund your research.

  • Process Made Easy – Lists and processes on paper aren’t always clear. An animation showing your concepts and process will be much more understandable.

  • Motion Impresses – Win over investors with first-rate visuals and animation.


Have a lot of detailed information that you wish to share along with graphics? That’s what infographics were made for. We help gather all your information and convey it in clear layouts with great imagery and design that you can use around the office or as handouts.

  • Convey Complex Details Simply with Great Design

  • Perfect for Books, Handouts, or Posters

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