Lachina has a wide spectrum of competencies to build your project from start to finish. We are fully staffed with project managers, editors, artists, designers, and developers.

Our project managers are the driving force of any project; they keep your products on time and on budget. The editorial team is your safeguard, they ensure that everything we produce is of the highest quality and will exceed your expectations.

Lachina’s art and design departments are full of flexible and innovative illustrators, animators, and designers capable of producing custom visuals for any subject you throw their way. Our developers can take your project to the next level by building an interactive platform for desktop use, online gaming, or mobile apps.

The sky is the limit!

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Project Management

We are your guarantee.

Our project managers drive your project from start to finish, ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Project managers work with each client to create a plan that suits your project, regardless of its scale. Every project is assigned a dedicated manager to drive your product from start-up to completion, while giving you an outlet for feedback and providing the guidance and expertise essential to your project’s success.

At Lachina, our project managers understand all aspects of your project’s process and workflow, and they tailor a plan to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations. Managers nurture every project making certain each one gets the time and attention needed to make them successful. Projects are tracked from start to finish, keeping all aspects of the process on schedule,  under budget, and above expectations.

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Beauty in precision.

Lachina editors are your safeguard to ensure the accuracy and quality of your products.

Our editors are the watchdogs of the production process. They oversee all aspects of production, from evaluating client materials, to performing quality control checks, to critiquing layout designs and project materials for clarity and pedagogical soundness. We are experts in grammar, adaptable to multiple style manuals, and virtuosos in the craft of writing. Nothing leaves without the editor’s seal of approval.

Our editorial experts have years of experience providing their expertise at all stages of production. The staff is equipped to provide developmental editing services, author management, copyediting, proofreading, indexing, word processing, accuracy reviews, and most importantly, quality assurance from start to finish.

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Art & Media

Your story, visually.

Lachina can help you develop stunning visuals to communicate your message with beautiful precision.

Lachina’s creative team of artists collaborates with you to develop your story from start to finish. Our goal is to understand your needs and to help to conceptualizing your narrative with media and interactive elements that are tailored to your goals.

Our staff is comprised of experts that can help you build anything from the ground up. We’ve created everything from static graphics, illustrations, 3D models and animations, and videos for any complexity, style, and budget.  From the simplest flowchart to illustrating and animating complex drug interactions, our team of biomedical illustrators, animators and production artists will help create accurate, breathtaking visuals tailored to your project needs.

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Composition & Design

Let’s connect the dots.

Let our staff of composition designers guide your product through production to create a cohesive educational experience.

Our staff of creative design professionals has years of experience building designs and textbooks for clients from around the country.  We have proven, documented processes for the creation of print products, and we’ve adapted our services to create a single source to build digital solutions from printed materials.  We are the one-stop source for your creative needs!

Our close-knit team of compositors and designers applies their design and layout skills to display your content intuitively and to beautifully tell your stories.  We focus on the audience and purpose of your content, and our design process is centered on creating a cohesive product, beautifully organized, and easily understood product.

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Interactive Design

Where do you want to go?

Let’s push the envelope of user experience to redefine how we learn… and play.

At Lachina, our interactive developers enable clients to build content for mobile, web, and cloud applications.  We understand user experience, and we can help you formulate your product strategy into successful, enriching, engaging experiences. From iOS to Android, to the Web and beyond we can tailor your digital products into scalable applications that users will love and share across any device.

We can work with you to develop your idea from a singular idea into a fully realized product strategy. Our unique approach to interactive design allows clients to build thorough, robust products from start to finish that solve complex problems and deliver beautiful, high-performing, device-responsive applications.

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