Social Media Strategy 101
Having a social media strategy is important in digital marketing. It provides an outline for everything you plan to do and guides your actions. But let’s face it, creating a social media strategy can be a challenge. If you’re in a pickle, read on to learn how to create a winning social media strategy in six easy steps.

Step 1: Create social media goals

It sounds like a no-brainer, but many people start social media channels without a clear focus in mind. What is the purpose? Who are you trying to reach? What are you using to measure success? What is the short-term versus long-term goals? The answers to these questions will be the foundation of your social media strategy. So, be specific, concise, and realistic.

Step 2: Find out where your audience is

An effective social media strategy focuses on social channels that consumers use most often. For example, if you’d like to target males who make $75K a year, your strategy should focus on LinkedIn. Or if you’d like to target millennials your social strategy should focus on Instagram. It is a waste of time and resources to focus on platforms where the target audience is a minority.

Step 3: Research your competition

You have your goals, your audience, and your platform. Now you need to know, who is your competition? With digital marketing, your competition is as broad as your customer base. Research where they failed and why, what worked and why, and how your marketing can stand out.

Step 4: Determine budget and resources

The key to successful marketing is a defined budget and resources. Budgeting ensures that you will not lose money to attract consumers. It will also help you plan ahead if you’d like to take a stab at paid advertising on social media. Defined resources will help you determine your bandwidth for social media activities. If you don’t have the resources to support social media you might want to consider a social media agency.

Step 5: Create engaging content

Your budget is set, and you are ready to create engaging content. Notice we did not say “create content,” we said, “create engaging content.” You should now research your target audience to learn what appeals to them. The point is to encourage them to engage with you through the social media platform. Likes, comments, and follows are all ways that your content connects you to the consumer.

Step 6: Be flexible

One of the great things about social media marketing is its flexibility. Digital marketing is not like a billboard or print ad where you have to wait for changes to be implemented. You have the freedom to change your strategy and update your content. It is important to track your efforts and make changes as needed. This will save you time, money, and loss of consumer interest.

Rely on a Social Media Marketing Agency

You now have the tools needed to create an award-winning social media strategy. If you don’t have the time or resources to create a social strategy, give us a call. As a full-service social media marketing agency, we can help build and install a strategy that fits your company’s needs. Learn more!