Project Description

The Lillian and Betty Ratner Montessori School Logo

Marketing Case Study

The Lillian and Betty Ratner Montessori School

Helping a Cleveland based Montessori school reclaim its voice and strengthen its offer of a curious, creative, and caring learning environment 

The Problem

Use the school’s rich history to educate parents and attract and retain students.

The Solution

A complete, student and parent-centered marketing and brand strategy.

The Outcome

The strategy helped the school achieve enrollment goals and brand awareness.

About the Lillian and Betty Ratner Montessori School

The Lillian and Betty Ratner School is an independent Montessori-based institution. The organization offers programs for pre-primary through middle school students across Northeast Ohio. The school’s close-knit community and commitment to diversity foster respect, creativity, and independence among students. Over the years, The Ratner School made many internal changes that did not align with its core values—for example, altering the name and Montessori curriculum for primary students. In 2018, the school decided to reclaim and transition back to its founding principles. As a result, The Ratner School faces three major challenges:

  1. Lack of brand consistency across all print and digital platforms.
  2. Confusion and lack of awareness of The Ratner School’s values.
  3. Enrollment challenges for the pre­‐primary program and female students.
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Our Solution

Lachina Creative worked with The Ratner School to create a marketing plan and integrated marketing campaigns that focused

  • Successfully inform parents, students, staff, and the public of the school’s
    transition to full Montessori institution.
  • Acquire and retain students over the next four years until enrollment reaches 210.
  • Increase brand awareness within various target audiences.
  • Increase competitive advantage geographically.

Lachina Creative collaborated with The Ratner School to create an integrated marketing campaign to resolve their business challenges. The marketing campaigns focused on three key areas:

  • SEO + Analytics
    • Monthly website review
    • Quarterly website performance audits
    • Keyword research, selection, and optimization
    • Quarterly competitor research
    • Link building
    • Monthly Google Analytics reporting
  • Social Media
    • Social audit
    • Six posts per week per account: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+
    • Competitor research
    • Social media metrics reporting
    • Paid advertising
  • Content
    • Design and production of 2018 gala program and 2019 summer camp brochure
    • Two monthly blog posts
    • One quarterly infographic
    • Two animations

The Outcome

Our campaigns helped The Ratner School overcome all three challenges. But, most importantly, the school achieved its enrollment goal for the 2018–2019 school year.

Selected Work

Client Feedback

“Our school worked with Lachina Creative on an overall marketing and branding strategy, including guidance on the design of a new website, SEO, an integrated social media marketing strategy, and school admission materials. Lachina was flexible and easy to work with, and helped us focus our own work so we could realize the greatest benefit with our marketing budget.” – Nadia Vinogradov-Carek, Communications Coordinator