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For Immediate Release: April 30, 2018
Contact: Jeff Lachina
216-292-7959 x 212

A Full-Service Agency

Cleveland, Ohio April 30, 2018 – Lachina Creative, formerly known as Lachina, has undergone a comprehensive rebranding effort. As a full-service agency that uniquely fuses creative, design, and production, it focused the rebranding on two key upgrades: a revamped approach to tackling client’s business dilemmas and extended service offerings. Completing the execution, the brand revealed its new name: Lachina Creative.

“Our ever-changing industry landscape requires a unique approach in the way agencies operate. Our transformation begins with our name,” said Jeffrey Lachina, founder and CEO. Taking a cue from its namesake, Lachina Creative’s mission is to design unsurpassed brand experiences that produce emotional connections with customers.

The agency focuses on core areas, including an array of print and digital content, traditional and digital marketing, and managing brand strategies. “Our data-driven approach allows us to predict channel effectiveness and reduce wasted media spend. Increased demand has fostered our corporate rebrand and new hires,” added Jeff.

In 2018, Lachina Creative has enhanced its business offerings in the following areas:

  • Creative & Design–Expanded the capability by offering art direction to assist firms in need of creative management, development, and planning.
  • Marketing–Invested in staff training to aid with their ability to identify opportunities in client markets and take measurable steps to achieve them.
  • Brand–Began offering program management to assist with the day-to-day tasks of organizations.


About Lachina Creative

Lachina helps companies tackle creative, brand, and marketing dilemmas with the right tools, methods, and technology. As a full-service creative and marketing agency, we pride ourselves on delivering options and letting our clients choose what works best for their budget and business objectives. Our proven track record of success across multiple industries has given us the insight and knowledge to take any brand to the next level. Companies that need relevant and engaging print and digital media and a stellar marketing strategy choose Lachina for the assurance that we drive profitable and sustainable growth long after our engagement concludes.