When you think of editing, you might think of a person taking a marking up copy with a red pen. But, an editor has a much broader job than you would think. Whether you’re writing a book or a cover letter, an editor can make your content its absolute best. If you’d like to learn more about professional editing services, keep reading.

Resume Editing

When applying for a job, you’re competing against hundreds of applicants and it is important to stand out. You might think that anyone can help with resume editing, but that’s not the case. Editors are more likely to notice errors, spelling mistakes, and bad formatting. Editors can also create variations of a resume if you want to apply for different jobs in the same field. For example, Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and Marketing Communications Manager. Lastly, editors can make sure a resume is clean, concise, and professional looking.

Manuscript Editing

A manuscript is the draft of a book that you pitch to publishers. A common myth about manuscripts is that they don’t need editing before it’s sent to a publisher. But instead, a writer’s merit will outshine any faults in the writing. This myth is false and not a good way to get a book published. Manuscripts editing will help you present your best work and get the book deal you want.

Book Editing

Book editors are the gateway to getting your book published. If a publisher has accepted your book, it must go through an editor before it’s released. This is because book editing can improve your storyline. For example, help check for accuracy, tone, and consistency. You will want to make sure to hire a book editor if you want your work to stand out from the competition.

Essay Editing Services

Another professional editing service that many might not think of is essay editing. This service is great for college essays, college entrance essays, and scholarship applications. The role of an essay editor is to:

  • Ensure your essay is the appropriate length and format.
  • Help shape your ideas into more complete thoughts.
  • Maintain a consistent tone clean.

Dissertation Editing

A dissertation editor can make or break your ability to get a doctorate degree. This is because they are experts at:

  • Finding spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
  • Make the thesis clear and thorough.
  • Present the supporting evidence in a logical order.

When looking for a dissertation editor, it is imperative to ask for references. This will help you make sure you’re getting professional services.

Reference Checking

A reference check is what you will need if you are writing many academic or research papers. Reference checkers are experts at citations, endnotes, footnotes, and works cited. Additionally, reference checking will help you avoid plagiarism and associated consequences.

Developmental Editing Services

Developmental editing is helpful for people struggling to create the big picture. Before addressing grammatical errors, your manuscript should be complete, coherent, and appropriate. Developmental editing approaches manuscripts from the reader’s point of view. It deals with incomplete topic coverage, knowledge gaps, insufficient citations, and confusing passages. The input from a developmental editor will make your manuscript attractive to publishers.

Stylistic Editing

The stylistic editing focuses less on the content of the writing and more on the language. Stylistic editors revise paragraph, sentence, and word structures to best express the author’s meaning. They also ensure that the author’s tone and style are consistent and appropriate for the text’s purpose. The value of stylistic editing is worth seeking out.

Copyediting Services

Many people confuse copyediting and proofreading services. Copyeditors review content at the beginning of book production. They check the author’s work, whereas proofreaders check the layout designer’s work. Copyeditors correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. They also conform copy to the publisher’s house style. In a more intensive copyedit, editors offer alternatives for confusing passages and topics.

Professional Proofreading Services

Proofreading services help make sure your manuscript is correctly formatted. Proofreading occurs after copy-editing and the production of book pages. This service has two main functions. One, checking for formatting errors that may have occurred during page layout. Two, checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sense as the final editorial check.

Rely on Professional Editing Services

Lachina Creative is a full-service marketing, creative, and branding company. We’ve edited work for over 28 years and know our stuff when it comes to professional editing services. Our editors can make sure your dissertation is error-free or edit your manuscript to launch you toward the bestseller list. If you think you could use some editing help, give us a call today!