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Brand Consulting 101

Branding creates an image of your business to attract and retain customers. It is important because it helps them understand who the company is, what it believes in, and what they should expect from it. Branding also helps set you apart from your competition. So, what is it exactly? Should you use a brand consulting firm? Learn more.

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6 Social Media Strategy Tips

Having a social media strategy is important in digital marketing. It provides an outline for everything you plan to do and guides your actions. But let's face it, creating a social media strategy can be a challenge. If you're in a pickle, read on to learn how to create a winning social media strategy in six easy steps.

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Animation Services Explained

Animations pop up on your social media, in ads, and online articles, you may not even notice how often you see them. They’re popular because they deliver quality information with quick efficiency. Animations are created to be easily understood and may seem really simple, however, they require quite a bit of time and skill. Learn more.

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Different Types of Editorial Services

When you think of editing, you might just think of a person taking a red pen to a book and making sure that the words are spelled correctly. However, an editor has a much broader job than you would think. Editing is important because it can make your writing its absolute best, and good writing can make people trust your company or persuade a company to hire you. Check out this guide for the kinds of editing services that exist and what might fit your needs!

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Graphic Design Terms and Techniques Explained

We all love designers because they can add visual appeal to just about anything, but sometimes they speak in a language all their own. We have compiled a glossary of design terms and design techniques so you can understand what they are talking about. Check out our design glossary to learn more.

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