Brand Consulting: Duties and Services

Branding is important to the success of any business. It establishes identity, creates value, and communicates a brand’s purpose. Branding also helps companies retain and acquire customers. If you’re considering hiring a brand consultant and need help you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a brand consultant and types of services.

Brand Consulting Duties

Brand consultants provide a variety of services. They handle market analysis, consumer connections, and other helpful business services. They also specialize in strategies that help the brand reach their full potential. When looking for a brand consultant it is important to consider the following:

  • A brand consultant must have experience in brand consistency. The look and feel of your brand should be the same across print and digital collateral. This guarantees consumers aren’t confused about what a business does or stands for. It also ensures that all your branding efforts are optimal.
  • A brand consultant must have experience in messaging. The messaging that your company shares, plays a big role in consumers perception. Any reputable brand consultant knows mixed messaging can affect your business. They also know the goal of messaging is to evoke an emotional response from the consumer. This will make it easier for consumers to recognize your brand, feel a connection, and be a repeat buyer.
  • A brand consultant must have experience with personal and professional interactions. With the widespread use of social media, consumers expect transparency from businesses. This includes the people behind the business, who they are, and what they represent. A brand consultant should help you connect with consumers while maintaining professional communications.

Type of Brand Services

Know that you know what a brand consultant does it is time to learn about brand services. But, with all the services out there it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the options. Don’t fret, we’ve outlined four of the most common brand services to help you get started:

  • Corporate branding: refers to promoting corporate identity or a brand’s name. It deals with the “Who”, “What”, “Why”, and “For” of a business. Services under corporate branding include creation or evaluation of brand assets. For example, logos, brand messaging, brand identity, and brand visuals. The better a company is at presenting brand assets the easier it will be to connect with customers.
  • Product branding: focuses on a company’s ability to deliver the same experience. It deals with messaging, packaging and other elements to increase a consumer’s experience. The goal of product branding is to create an experience that all consumers share.
  • Personal branding: refers to building a person’s credibility through print and digital communication. It also deals with how people portray their skills and experience to peers and companies. Established personal brands lead to career advancement and wider business opportunities.
  • Service branding: focuses on improving a company’s perceived value. Service branding is difficult because no two customers have the same experience. A few unhappy customers can have devastating effects on a brand. Employee standards and other documentation can help boost perceived value.

Rely on a Branding Expert

The decision to use brand services is an excellent way to get more customers and revenue. If this is a task that your company is not prepared to handle on its own, take a minute and contact us today! We’ve been providing brand consulting for over 28 years. So, give us a call. Let us help you achieve your brand goals!