10 Ways to Have Successful Email Marketing

Email Marketing has been around since mid-’90s, most of it was marked as spam mail, but it existed. Today, email marketing has gotten more refined and is a successful way to communicate with customers. If you need help with email marketing or you’re interested in learning about email marketing you came to the right place. We put together a list of 10 things you need to know to have a successful email marketing strategy.

Start with a goal: While this tip seems obvious for email marketing, not everyone uses it. A goal should be specific like you want a 5% increase in the number of people that visit your website through an email link. The goals should be specific to two or three small things you want to see happen from the email marketing. If you pick a vague goal, it’s harder to know how to set up the email marketing strategy.

Follow-up: one of the best things you can do after a person agrees to subscribe to your email list is to send a follow up soon after they subscribe. The follow-up email should tell the audience what to expect in your emails and how often to expect the emails. The amount you send out emails will vary depending on what kind of company you are. This is one of the nice things about digital marketing: sending and receiving things immediately. But that means you need to know if your audience will want a thank you message for subscribing that same moment, or an email a day later with more details.

Get whitelisted: the whitelist is how the email providers know whether to send your email to the junk/spam box instead of your audience’s inbox. You have to follow certain guidelines like making sure people don’t put your email into their spam box.

Make it easy to Unsubscribe: this seems counterintuitive, but there is a good reason to make it really easy for the audience to unsubscribe from your emails. If your customer has no easy way to unsubscribe, they are more likely to have your email address put into their spam box. The more people put your address in the spam category, the more it will make the email providers place it in the spam box for all the subscribers, not just the ones who manually put it in their spam box.

Customize the email template: Most email marketing services, like MailChimp, will come with premade templates. They will work, but if they do not feel like your brand or resemble your website, people will be less likely to pay attention to them. Part of digital marketing is making sure your brand matches throughout your entire online presence: social media, emails, blogs, websites, press releases, etc. Your email should sound and feel like the same content that made them want to subscribe to your list.

Make it mobile- It is so important to make sure that your email looks correct on a mobile platform. 91% of people use their phones to look at their emails and if the content is messed up or pictures are missing, people won’t look at the emails. Digital marketing is becoming more mobile-based every day and the biggest turn away is not being able to see the whole email.

Make it easy to scan through-People want things quickly. When you create your email to send out, make sure that the important information is easy to find. It should not be hidden in the middle of a paragraph where the reader has to search for it. Email Marketing grows when the customers are satisfied and telling others about you.

Pitch perfection- Nothing will get your email marketing thrown into the spam box faster than sending irrelevant information or too many emails. Amazon is a good example of email marketing, they send items you might be interested in since the last time you looked at shoes on their website. Relevancy is key and sticks to your follow up email’s promise of how often the audience would get the emails.

Pitch vs Newsletter- Depending on the type of company you are, will largely determine what kind of email marketing you are doing. Most people either send pitches or newsletters. Pitches have more call to actions like “learn more here” or “get it before it’s gone”. They are good for sales, but not necessarily endearing customers to you. The newsletters are better for building relationships with the customers and keeping them subscribed.

Measure- Good email marketing can be measured. You can measure the open to sends ratio (amount of people who actually open the emails sent) and then click to open rate (the number of people who click the links in the emails to go to a different page). The measurements will let you know where you are lacking and to change your approach. Using methods that do not get your sales or subscriber numbers up are methods that need to be tossed.

We hope these tips can help you with your next email marketing strategy. If you think you might need more help with the email marketing or that you might want someone with more experience to do the campaign for you, contact us!